The purity of a mountain water
It is here, above Lake Como, that mineral water Fontelaura has its origin,
pleasurable, light, extremely digestible, with a very small amount of sodium.
A water that comes from the heart of the mountain

It's here, between lake Como's mountains, that mineral water Fontelaura is born. In a pristine environment, between dolomite rock and untouched grassy slopes, water is born with one of the lowest sodium levels in Europe.

The source

Fontelaura mineral water flows right from the heart of the mountains surrounding Lake Como.
It is here, directly from the rocks of Mount Grona above Plesio, that its peculiar mix of minerals with historical and proven healthy properties comes from.
Mount Grona, a rocky pearl set among the Larian mountains, is the source of the precious minerals that enrich the Fontelaura water, which has one of the lowest sodium levels in Europe and an unmistakable mix of minerals c.d. positive like calcium, magnesium and potassium.